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SKI-JUMPING POSTER: 1949 Planica FNR Jugoslavija



 A rare magnificent well-designed large poster for a ski-jumping competition of 1949 at the legendary ski-jumping field in Planica, the place of 13 world records since 1934.

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This poster was designed for a world-famous international ski-jumping competition at Planica in the north-west part of Slovenia, at the time the most famous ski-jumping field in the world.

The large Bloudek-Rozman ski jumping filed was opened in 1934. As the whole story about the owner of the design is still disputed, the hill was probably designed by Stanko Bloudek, who was engineer, pilot and one of the developers of modern skiing, and the design for the ski-jump was made by Ivan Rozman. In 1934, the year of the opening, the first world record was set, when the Norvegian Birger Ruud set the first world record in Planica with 92 meters. In 1936, in Planica Austrian Sepp Bradl became the first man in history to have officially jumped over one hundred meters.

With this results Planica became the leading ski-jumping field in the world, attracting tourist from all over the world and contributing at the development of techniques of ski-jumping. In 1938 two new world records were made and in in the first year of the war, in 1941, five world records.

There were no competitions in the next six years. The field reopened in 1947. The year 1949, when this poster was made, was the last year of the first era of the glory of this field. In the next year the field lost a world record for the first time after 14 years. Also a part of the field collapsed and the hill underwent a massive reconstruction. Today Planica is still one of the centers for international ski-jumping competitions.This poster represents one of the legendary images of the Planica ski-jumping field, but is very rare on the market today.

A large amount of these posters probably got damaged due to their size. We could only trace two examples in institutions worldwide.

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