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ŠKOCJAN CAVES, Slovenia: [Die Reka bey St. Cantian auf dem Karst]


A beautifully contemporary coloured aquatint showcasing the UNESCO protected Karst caves of Škocjan in Slovenia was in the 19th century changed to vue d’optique with tiny cut out windows, which produce a decorative effect against the light.


An aquatint with old colour showcases the caves of Škocjan in Slovenia, today protectd by UNESCO. The aquatint was transformed to a vue d’optique in the 19th century. For additional effect tiny holes have been cut out in the area of houses above the cliffs and men’s clothing below. When held against the light, the cut-outs, re-backed with old paper, produce a decorative effect.

The view was published in a series Ansichten von Krain, in Vienna circa 1815.

References: Nebehay / Wagner 580, 6.

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