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SLAVIC ÉMIGRÉ LITERATURE / PROTO AVANT-GARDE / THEATRE: Der tausendjährige Krieg. Ein Lesestück für die Hinterbliebenen [A Thousand Year’s War. A Reading Passage for the Ones Left Behind].



An award- winning radio play in German language by a Slovenia-born author on the absurdity of the dictatorship with a photomontage cover.

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A theatre piece in German language by a Slovenia-born author Lev Detela (born 1939), printed on yellow paper and with a photomontage illustration on the cover, mocks the absurdity, stupidity and a recurrent pattern of the dictature and wars.  

The characters of the play are: The Yellow Dictator, The First Yellow Soldier, The Second Yellow Soldier, The Third Yellow Soldier, The Green Dictator, The First Green Soldier, The Second Green Soldier, The Third Green Soldier, A Fat Woman, An Old Man, A Landlord, A Prostitute and The Countess Maritza. 

The photomontage cover, designed by the author, is composed of clips with war and death motifs, taken from popular comics and newspapers. The images are dominated by a ridiculous image of a hamster as a personification of a dictatorship and the yellow colour symbolises the imaginary Yellow Dictator.  

The author Lev Detela, born in Maribor, Slovenian, has been active in publishing articles and books in Austria since 1960. This text was written in 1981 as a radio play, for which Detela won a literary scholarship of the city of Vienna.  

The book was published by the collective of authors of a magazine LOG, a magazine in German language, which promoted international (mostly Slavic) literature with a political undertone. It was published between 1978 and 1990.

References: OCLC 443143771. 

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