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SLAVIC PRINTING ABROAD: Pesmi iz Pampe [Poems from Pampa].



A collection of poems by two Slovenian authors, was published by an immigrant publishing house in Buenos Aires, in Slovenian language. 

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8°, [32] printed text on thicker paper and two double-page illustrations, original illustrated wrappers, printed with black and grey (Very Good, dedication hand-written in blue ink on the title page, wrappers slightly worn on edges and with a tiny hole in the spine).  


This is an uncommon collection of poems by two Slovenian authors, who arrived to Argentina with their families as political immigrants after WWII, published in Buenos Aires in Slovenian language.

The first author, Vinko Rode, was born in 1932 in Rodica, Slovenia, and immigrated to Argentina with his parents after WWII. He is still active as a poet and author. Vinko Rode is a brother of a former Slovenian archbishop and cardinal France Rode.

The poet Tine Debeljak was a son of Slovenian author Tine Debeljak Sr. Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he immigrated to Buenos Aires after WWII through refugee centres in Austria together with his parents. In Argentina he was active as poet and author of magazines for Slovenian immigrants.

We could only find four examples of the book in libraries worldwide.

This copy bears a dedication by Tine Debeljak with his autograph, dated December 19, 1965.

References: OCLC 442226192. Kristina TOPLAK, »Buenas artes«: Ustvarjalnost Slovencev in njihovih potomcev v Buenos Airesu, 2008. 

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