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SLOVENIA & CROATIA: General-Karte des Königreichs Illyrien nebst dem Königlich Ungarischen Littorale


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Rare large wall map shows the territory of the Kingdom of Illyria, embracing today’s Slovenia, Istria, north Croatia, Italian coast with Trieste to Grado on the west and Carinthia in Austria. The Kingdom was a crown land of the Austrian Empire from 1816 to 1849,and the successor state of the Napoleonic Illyrian Provinces. It was split into the Austrian crown lands of Carniola, Carinthia and the Austrian Littoral upon the Revolution of 1849.


The map was originally issued on four sheets, here devided into 32 segments. Articles from Biblioteca geographica: Verzeichniss der seit der Mitte des vorigen (Wilhelm Engelmann, 1858, p. 592) and Deutschlands militär-literatur im letzten jahrzehent… (Arwied von Witzleben, 1850, p. 190) quote the publisher as Artaria & Co, although the name is not printed on the map.


A very rare map – we could only trace three examples in libraries worldwide and one other example on the market over last 25 years. 

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