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SLOVENIA: Karte vom Herzogthume Krain aus den neuesten und besten Hültsquellen entworfen und bearbeitet und der Kaiserlich Königlichen Landwirthschafts–Gesellschaft in Krain ehrfruchtsvoll gewidmet von ihrem wirklichen Mitgliede Oberlieutenant Gottfried L


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Scarce folding map of Crain in Slovenia in 12 segments mounted on linen in contemporary slip-case is divided in three districts (Ljubljana, Postojna & Novo Mesto) and shows cities, villages, castles, roads, postal stations etc.


The author Gottfried Loschan (1796-1857) dedicated the map to the Carniolan Agricultural Society (Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft in Krain, Kranjska kmetijska druzba). The society was founded in 1767 and after Napoleonic times confirmed by Francis I of Habsburg in 1820. It supported geological, mineralogical and other scientific surveys. Among its members were famous names such as Balthasar Hacquet and Janez Bleiweis.


Loschan was born in Aschach in Upper Austria. He entered the Austrian army as a teeager and received numerous promotions until becoming a major commander in Treviso in 1848. Retiering soon afterwords he moved to Ljubljana, where he died in 1857. He dedicated most of his life to natural science and was a member of the Carniolan Agricultural Society. In 1852, when Loschan was still a major of artillery in the Austrian army, he discovered a new lead-mine close to the village Kappel in Carinthia. Two years later they found a new source of silver and gold in the same mine.


Ljubljana in the middle. Slightly age-toned in the middle fold, hardly noticeable repaired tear on the right-hand side, otherwise in a good condition. Slipcase slightly rubbed and battered. 


References: Carinthia: Zeitschrift für Vaterlandskunde, Belehrung und Unterhaltung, Band 44, 1854; p. 203; Primoz Gasperic, Cartographic Images of Slovenia through Time. Kartografske upodobitve Slovenije skozi cas, in: Acta geographica Slovenica, 47–2, 2007, 245–273; Johann SVOBODA; Die Zöglinge der Wiener-Neustädter Militär-Akademie von der Gründung…, 1870, p. 367; – Not in Dörflinger.

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