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SLOVENIAN CHILDREN’S BOOK: Trdoglav in Marjetica. Slovenska pravljica.



A stellar example of a highly decorative children’s book by a Slovenian author Fran Milčinski was designed by a Jože Plečnik’s student Marija Grafenauer (Vogelnik).

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The story is based on a Slovenian national poem about a girl, Marjetica (Daisy), who is imprisoned by a water man Trdoglav, and eventually rescued by a Spanish prince who marries her. The text was written by one of the most popular Slovenian authors of the 20th century Fran Milčinski (1867-1932). Milčinski was also a judge, radio narrator, play writer, and a father of a famous comedian and author Frane Milčinski – Ježek (1914 – 1988).

The book was designed by a dancer, architect and graphic designer Marija Vogelnik, who studied architecture under Jože Plečnik and painting and graphic design in Belgrade. She was a famous designer and illustrator of children’s books during and after WWII.

The book is very rare. We could only trace 4 or 5 examples in libraries worldwide. A reprint of the book was made in 1987.

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