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SLOVENIAN DIASPORA IN ARGENTINA: Zbornik. Svobodna Slovenija [Almanac. Free Slovenia]


A thick almanac in Slovenian language was printed by in Argentina. It includes valuable information on the diaspora, biographies of notable immigrants, analyses of the living standards in Argentina and Slovenia, reports on the sporting achievements (skiing and mountaineering), short stories, poetry etc.

The cover design and illustrations were made by a Slovenian / Yugoslavian artist France Gorše (1897 -1986), schooled at the Art Academy in Zagreb. After WWII, he moved to Trieste and then to the US, where he spent the next two decades. An illustrated chapter in the almanac commemorates the artist’s work.

In Argentina today there are circa 30,000 descendants of the Slovenian immigrants, which moved to the country for economic reasons in the beginning of the 20th century and for political reasons, to escape the fascism before the war and the communism after the war.

The almanac Svobodna Slovenija has been published from 1948 until today.

References: OCLC 438800906.  http://svobodnaslovenija.com.ar/

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