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These are 50 numbers of a very rare mimeographed newspaper, made by Slovenian political refugees in a DP Camp in Lienz in Austria in 1946, while waiting to be transported to Argentina, Canada and the United States. The news give a detailed insight into the DP camp life.  


This extremely rare newspaper was printed on a mimeograph machine in a refugee camp Lienz, Austria, by and for the political refugees from Slovenia, which escaped from Yugoslavia after the end of WWII and were waiting to be transported mostly to Argentina, Canada and the United States.

The News (Novice) was a moderate newspaper, reporting on the news from the world and live in the camp, including the organised courses, school, religion etc. The text for each newspaper had to undergo the English censorship committee-

The numbers are a complete series between numbers 50-100, of 420 numbers issued between July 3., 1945, and November 13, 1946. The first issue was printed in Lienz/Peggetz, after the Allies moved the refuges there from a DP camp in Vetrinje. The last number was issued in Lienz before the refugees were moved to a new DP camp in Spittal, Austria.

The Lienz/Peggetz DP camp was a British run camp for refugees, the so called White Guard, who escaped Yugoslavia in the days after WWII on the grounds of collaborating with Nazi Germany, and were waiting to be transported to other locations, mostly to South America, by the Catholic church.

The Lienz/Peggetz DP camp received bad reputation already at the May 1945, when the British army handed over Cossacks and ethnic Russians and Ukrainians, who had collaborated with Nazi Germany, to the USSR, where they were assassinated.

We could only find three examples of the newspaper in the libraries worldwide. The on-line records are not clear, if the series are complete.


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