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Slovenian Printing in Italy / Book Design: Plebanus Joannes


A Slovenian novel with a stunning expressionistic design by an academic painter Tone Kralj was published by a Slovenian press in Trieste, which would in the next years became one of the centers of the Italian Fascism.


8°, 198 pp., later three-quarter dark red linen binding with marbled boards and original cover pasted on the front board (minor staining, old signature covered with white paint in the upper corner of the title page, last four pages with tiny repairs in the upper corner, cover trimmed with small loss of lettering, otherwise in a good condition).



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Ivan Pregelj (1883-1960), a Slovenian writer, partly active on the territory of the Fascist Italy, was known for his expressionistic novels, often involving Catholic motifs. His protagonists are often set in the dilemma between the torn inner self and their everyday lives in the society. This novel is known for its oldfashioned baroque style.

The cover design was made by a Slovenian painter and sculptor Tone Kralj (1900-1975), known for his mural paintings and sculptures, as well as for his book illustrations. Schooled at the academy in Prague as a sculptor between 1920-23, he continued his studies in Vienna, Paris and Venice.

Before and during WWII, Kralj lived in the area, annexed to the Fascist Italy (Gorizia and Trieste area), where he was painting large murals in Slovenian churches with a strong anti-Fascist iconography, which was never discovered or destroyed by the Italians. The characteristics of Kralj’s art are monumental figures with heavy shadows, made in the art deco style.

This is the first separately published edition.

References: OCLC 7351731.

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