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SPIRITUALISM: علم سرائر [ [İlm-i Serair /The Science of Mysterious]



8°. 21 pp., [3] advertisements and blank, original pink wrappers with lettering, unbound, as originally published (wrappers slightly dusty and with tiny tears in the margins, some
words underlined with old red pencil, otherwise in a good condition).


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The book on the supernatural and divine forces was published in the last years of the Ottoman Empire.

Avanzâde Mehmet Süleyman was an author in the late Ottoman empire, known for his translations of circa 135 novels to Ottoman, including the exceedingly popular The Count of Monte Cristo and Les Miserables. Avanzâde Mehmet Süleyman, who was schooled as a pharmacist, was also one of the Ottoman pioneers on the anthropology, especially on the subject of women and children, and an author of book on health, food and spiritual life, including dream reading and magic charms.

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