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SWAZILAND: Swaziland Scale 1:250,000.


An attractive and informative 1960s map of Swaziland, published in Mbabane, the country’s capital.


This is an attractive large format separately issued map of Swaziland, published in Mbabane, the national capital.  Swaziland, sandwiched between South African and Mozambique, is a kingdom that became a British protectorate in 1903; the country achieved its independence in 1968, two years after the present map was issued.

The map depicts the entire country, divided into provinces, and employs pictographic symbols to identify the locations of cities, towns and villages; landing strips; roads and tracks of various sizes; mineral springs; hotels; rest camps; waterfalls; gas stations; golf courses; good fishing waters; game reserves; casinos; mines and stores, amongst other things.  The map labels virtually every detail one would want for touring the country.

Additionally, the map features cartographic insets which detail the country’s two main cities, Mbabane and Manzini.


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