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SYRIA / JORDAN / TURKEY: حلب ولايتى خريطه سى [Haleb Vilayeti Hartitasi / Map of Aleppo Vilayet].


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Present here are two manuscript maps on a single sheet, made in Turkey, likely in Istanbul, near the beginning of the 20th Century.  The map to the left depicts the Syria (or Damascus) Vilayet, embracing what is today south-western Syria (including Damascus, Homs) and much of Jordan (including Amman). 

The map on the right features the Aleppo Vilayet, which comprises the north-western part of toady’s Syria (centred on the great city of Aleppo), as well as the Hatay Province of Turkey (with Iskenderun) and parts of southern Anatolia.

Such maps, executed on thin tracing paper, were commonly made as educational tools in elite Ottoman schools and universities during the early 20th Century, although few such maps survive to the present day.

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