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SYRIAC PAMPHLET: بوغازلخمفر كونور يلى طو كزلر



A rare pamphlet with Christian content in Syriac language was printed in Aleppo, Syria.

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The pamphlet in includes four passages from the Bible, followed by further text. The pamphlet was printed in Syriac language in Arabic script and Syriac script title by the printers from a Syriac family Shammas, which originated from Turkey.  According to the imprint the pamphlet was distributed for free. 


Syriac Language

Syriac or Syriac Aramaic is a dialect of Middle Aramaic that is the minority language of indigenous ethnic Assyrians in northern Iraq, south-eastern Turkey, north-east Syria and north-west Iran. It is also the liturgical language of several churches. 

Assyrian people or Syriacsare a Syriac Christian ethnic group indigenous to the Middle East.

The Syriac Catholic Archeparchy of Aleppo was established on 28 January 1659.

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