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Syrian 20th Century History / Political Propaganda: من أسرار الشيشكلي [Shishakli's Secrets]



A pamphlet in Arabic language with a decorative cover was made as a propaganda against the former Syrian president Adib al-Shishakli after his deposition in 1954.


Large 8°. 96 pp., original illustrated wrappers (wrappers slightly worn with tiny scratches and holes in the upper margin on the cover, but otherwise in a good condition).


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The pamphlet with illustrated cover was printed after the fall of Adib al-Shishakli (1909 – 1964), the Syrian president in 1953 and 1954, when this former military leader was overthrown by Druze officers, Syrian Communist Party and Ba’ath Party members. The text describes al-Shishakli as a tyrant and a dictator.

The introduction was written by Hasan Al-Atrash, a Syrian prince from a powerful Druze Family. The photographs show various portraits, starting with the new president Hashim al-Atassi, an influential Druze leader Sultan Pasha al-Atrash, who returned to Syria after al-Shishakli’s downfall, and a politician Rushdi al-Kikhya.

The pamphlet is rare. Worldcat does not list any institutional examples. We could trace the title in the Arabic Union Catalog bibliographic record.

References: OCLC 4771431008.

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