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Taborišče uničenja [Camp of Distruction].



An early report on the Majdanek concentration camp in Poland, written by a Russian writer Konstantin Simonov, and published in Slovenian language during WWII in Moscow.

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A text accompanied with photos and documents gives an early report on the Majdanek concentration camp, near Lublin in Poland.

This documentary book by a famous Russian writer Konstantin Simonov (1815-1979) was first published under a title Lager’ unictozenija in Russian language in 1944, after the liberation of the camp by the Red Army in the summer of the same year. The publishing house for foreign literature in Moscow issued translations almost immediately after in Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian and German. An English translation was published in London in the same year.

The brochures were probably distributed illegally on the German occupied areas in the last months of the war as anti-Axis propaganda, to prove the rumours of German plan of ethnical cleansing.  

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