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talian Fascist Atlas for Slovenian Primary Schools: Zemljepisni atlas za ljudske šole. Slovenska izdaja



[Geographical Atlas for Primary Schools. Slovenian Edition]


A rare official atlas for primary schools, issued in Slovenian language by the Fascist Italy, after its taking over the central Slovenian region in World War II in 1941.


Small 8°. 20 pp. with colour maps and black and white photographs, original wrappers with lettering (good used condition with old signature on the top of the title page).


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This rare small atlas for primary schools, includes colour maps of the different parts of the world with their new boundaries, changed by the World War II., and black and white photos of cities. The atlas was published by the Italian Fascist government for the regions, annexed after 1941.

The atlas was adjusted to Slovenian language and geography. This edition includes a map of the Province of Ljubljana (Provincia di Lubiana), a Fascist political formation in the central Slovenia, existing from 1941 until the capitulation of Italy in 1943. After that is was taken over by Germany.

Luigi Visintin (1892 – 1958) was an Italian cartographer, born in Friuli, a region with Italian and Slovenian population. After WWI, he finished his studies as a cartographer in Torino and was employed by the Instituto Geografico De Agostini in Novara, the cartographic institute, responsible for a wide repertoire of maps and atlases, commissioned by the Fascist government.

We could only find 5 institutional examples, all in the Slovenian libraries.

References: OCLC 781229356.

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