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TALLINN, Estonia: Tallinna. Linna Plaan. [Tallinn. City Map.]



A colourful map in Estonian language shows Tallinn, the capital of the Estonian Republic, between two world wars, in 1937, three years before the Soviet invasion. The map also includes streets, which were planned to be constructed in the following years.

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A colourful, decoratively designed map of Tallinn shows the city in 1937, including the planned projects. Interrupted double black lines show streets under construction and planned streets, black lines the railways, interrupted single lines tram lines, blue interrupted lines borders of different police districts, and small images of locomotive train stations.

Index on the right-hand side includes names of the streets and most important monuments and buildings in Tallinn. Original lithographed wrappers show a view of Tallinn and a map of the old part of the city. 

Tallinn became the capital of the newly founded independent Estonian Republic after WWI in 1918, followed by Imperial German occupation and a war of independence with Russia. The city changed its name from Reval, used at the time in German speaking countries. The United States Board on Geographic Names adopted the form Tallinn between June 1923 and June 1927. Estonia maintained its independence for twenty-two years until the beginning of WWII, when it acceded to the Soviet Union in 1940, and later occupied by Nazi Germany from 1941 to 1944. 

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