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THE LITTLE PRINCE: La eta princo. Kun akvareloj de la aŭtoro [The Little Prince: With Watercolours by the Author].



A rare first translation of The Little Prince to Esperanto was printed in 1961 in Orléans and was accomapnied with black and white illustrations, based on the original drawings. 

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This rare first edition of The Little Prince was made by a French author, esperantist, and publisher Pierre Delaire. With 17 years Delaire already developed his own method of translating texts to Esperanto, and he started publishing books in Esperanto in 1936.

Pierre Delaire was a founder of the Esperanto Association Edelvejso in Orléans, which was also publishing books. The translation of The Little Prince was the sixth publication by the club and was in the first place sold to the members and other Esperanto institutions. According to the list on the back of the publication the Association counted by that time 23 members.

The introduction was written by Ralph Harry (1917-2002), an esperantist, nd one of Australia’s pioneer diplomats and intelligence specialists.

References: OCLC 858583177.

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