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TIMISOARA, Romania: Tarif über die Pflastermauth, dann Marktgebühren an Tag-, Wochen-, und Jahrmärkten, welcher in Folge … vom 1. November 1864 bis Ende October 1867 im Bereiche der königlichen Freistadt Temeswar in Anwendung zu kommen hat [Fee of the p


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A rare boradside lidting the new taxes for the city Timisoara in Roamania, printed in Timisoara. In the 19th century, the city had mostly German, Hungarian and Romanian population and was one of the most modern cities in Europe. It was the second city in the world, after New York, to be lit by electric street lamps in 1884, and the second city in Europe with horse-drawn trams in 1869.

Ernst Hazay (Heim) was the founder of the second printing shop in Timisoara. Between 1852 and 1866 his daughter Rosa Hazay was running the business. 

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