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Tom-Tom. The ONUC Forces Weekly. Tam-Tam. L’Hebdomadaire des Forces de l’ONUC. Vol. 2. No. 8 & No. 33.



A pair of rare, seemingly unrecorded newspapers in French and English language was published for Belgian and American soldiers in Léopoldville (now Kinshasa) in the Congo in 1961.

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The bilingual newspaper was published in English with the title Tom-Tom. The ONUC Forces Weekly on one side, and in French with the title Tam-Tam. L’Hebdomadaire des Forces de l’ONUC, starting from the other side. The articles included reports on the politics, sports and entertainment of the troops.

The newspapers were published in 1961, one year after the pronounced independence of the Republic of the Congo for the members of ONUC (Organisation des Nations Unies au Congo / United Nations Organization in the Congo), a United Nations peacekeeping force in the Republic of the Congo helping to restore stability to the Congo after it fell into conflict and disorder following independence.

We could not trace any copies of the newspaper in institutions worldwide.

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