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TRAVEL: Empfehlenswerte Preiswürdige Seereisen durch das Reisebureau A. Welti-Furrer, A. G. Bahnhofstrasse 51, Zürich, Mercatorium [Recommended Praiseworthy Travels through a Travel Agency A. Welti-Furrer, A. G. Bahnhofstrasse 51, Zürich, Mercatorium].


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A richly illustrated advertising pamphlet was published by a Zürich based luxury travel agency Welti-Furrer and gives a valuable insight on the pre-WWI tourist travels, including the descriptions of the travels and cities, documents needed for certain countries, prices etc.

The pamphlet is richly illustrated with sightseeing photos and advertisements for accessories needed to travel, such as shoes, coats, fancy practical beauty kits, and guns. The travel destination were mostly in the Mediterranean Sea and in Asia, with sailing through the Suez Canal.

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