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TRIESTE, KARST, ISTRIA: Benvenuto nella Venezia Giulia. Trieste, Abbazia, Brioni, Grado, Portorose, Grotte di Postumia. [Welcome to Venezia Gilulia. Trieste, Opatija, Brioni, Grado, Portorož, Postonjska jama]



A beautifully designed tourist map of Istria, Karst in Slovenia and northeast Italy was designed under Fascist Italy in 1939 in Trieste. 

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A larger colourful tourist map showcases a bird’s eye view of the Italian province Venezia Giulia, which since the end of WWI and the capitulation of Italy in 1943 embraced the area between northeast Italy, the Karst and coastline region in Slovenia and Istria in Croatia. The back of the map includes text in Italian language and photographs of the main modern tourist places, such as Trieste, Brioni (islands later known as president’s Tito summer residence), Opatija, Rijeka and Postonjska jama.

The territory, which until WWI largely belonged to Austria-Hungary, as given to Italy after WWI. By the mid 1920, the new Fascist regime started with a strict Italianisation of the region. Slovenian and Croatian language was forbidden, what caused a massive Slavic underground resistance movement. The situation escalated with the beginning of WWII in 1941. Italy capitulated in 1943 and region south and east of Trieste was given to Yugoslavia after WWII. 

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