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TURCICA: Osservazioni sopra le passate campagne militari della presente guerra tra’ Russi, ed Ottomani, sopra il militare de’ Turchi, e la maniera di combatterli.



An uncommon book with Italian text gives information on the theatre of war between the Russian and the Ottomans during the Russo-Turkish war, declared by Sultan Mustafa III in 1768. The Turks formed the alliance with the Polish forces, while Russia was supported by the United Kingdom, which offered naval advisers to the Russian navy. The book was dedicated to a Russian soldier and statesman Count Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov. He was leading a naval expedition to the Mediterranean in 1770, which destroyed the Ottoman fleet at the Battle of Chesma.
The book is a translation of a French text from 1771 by Charles-Emmanuel de Warnery (1720 – 1786), a royal Prussian colonel, later Polish general.

We could only trace two other examples in institutions worldwide (Berlin State Library (false quotes the year as 1762) and University of Michigan) and no other recorded examples on the market for the past generation.


Bound together with:

Sopra l’arrivo della flotta russa el Mediterraneo

Cosmopoli (Genova, but probably Venice) 1772.



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