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TURCO-RUSSIAN RELATIONS – MADRID IMPRINT: Manifesto que la corte de Viena ha publicado en justificacion de los motivos que le han obligado à declarar la guerra à los Turcos.



A rare pamphlet in Spanish language represents the latest events of the Russo-Turkish War between 1736-1739, as reported from the Viennese court.

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A rare Spanish pamphlet gives the latest information on the Russo-Turkish war, which lasted between 1736 and 1739, with reports on the events involving the Russian statesman Andrey Ivanovich Osterman (1686-1747), who was appointed by Empress Anna of Russia, the Ottoman Grand Vizier and the Austrian Fieldmarshal Dominik Graf von Königsegg-Rothenfels (1673 – 1751), who was forced to resign his position in 1737, after suffering a major defeat in the war with the Ottomans.  

The pamphlet was printed in Madrid by Juan de Aristia (16? – 1740).  

We could only find one institutional example (The British Library).
References: OCLC 560325967.

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