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Turkish Poetry / Book Design: Ben Sana Mecburum



The first edition of highly popular Turkish poems by Attilâ İlhan, heavily influenced by contemporary French art movement


12°, 109 pp., [3 pp.], original illustrated wrappers (Very Good, unread example with minimal wear to the spine).


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Attilâ İlhan (1925-2005) was a Turkish poet, screenwriter and a brother of a famous actress Çolpan İlhan.

As a socialist and an open supporter of at the time banned poet Nazım Hikmet İlhan was arrested twice already in his teens (first time at the age of 16, when he presented one of the Hikmet’s poems to a girl he liked), after which he moved to Paris. Later he lived between Istanbul, Izmir and Paris.

The contemporary French art, poetry and the beatnik movement had a large influence on Attilâ İlhan, who started becoming popular in his home country in the 1950s.
The title poem of this collection Ben Sana Mecburum (translated as Compelled to You), heavily influenced by a poem Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel, issued a year before, remains one of the most popular Turkish poems, recited by the author himself.
The modern mind-century cover design was made by a talented visual artist Güngör Kabakçioğlu (1933-2011), who authored several book covers and was known for his caricatures.

We could find 6 institutional examples on Worldcat (University of Oxford, Boğaziçi University Library, Izmir Institute of Technology, Princeton University Library, Princeton University Library).

References: OCLC 60333665.

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