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An unusual short theatre piece by an underground Partisan theatre group, depicting the first meeting between the Slovenian Partisans and the Soviet Red Army.


8°, [1 p.] title page, 6 pp. mimeographed text, [1 p.] blank page, original paper wrappers with mimeographed cover, stapled (Very Good, tiny tears in margins, with light foxing, old owner’s remark on the cover).


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This short theater piece, printed by a clandestine Partisan press, was written for underground Partisan theater groups four months before the liberation of Yugoslavia.

The play includes six short scenes from a daily life in the country, in the moment when people realize, that the Soviet troops are approaching to liberate them. This piece was written in the area of Prekmurje, at time a part of Hungary, but with a large Slavic minority.

The Soviet Army marched into Prekmurje four months after the pay was written, in May 1945.

Three examples of this theatre play are recorded today (Academy for Theater, Film and Radio in Ljubljana, School Museum – Ljubljana, Bavarian State Library). In 1964 four examples were recorded in Yugoslavian libraries.

References: Bibliografija, nr. 1099. OCLC 1220908913, 456414893.

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