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UNDERGROUND PARTISAN PRINTING: Zavezniške bombe na Nemčijo [Allied Bombs on Germany].



A rare pamphlet, printed by a Slovenian underground Partisan press, was made at the occasion of the first Allied flights over the country during WWII. 

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This unusual pamphlet, issued by the underground Partisan Office for Information and Propaganda, was printed in 1944, when the first Allied airplanes started flying over the country, giving people hope the liberation by the Allies is approaching.

The first chapter explains the reaction of the common people, women and children, as well as the Partisan fighters in the woods, when spotting the Allied fighters.

The other chapters of the book include a report on destroyed buildings by the Allied bombers in France and the attack on Germany. The map on the cover shows distances between London and targets on continental Europe. Illustrations show the growth of the British airforce between 1939 and 1943, and a caricature of Hitler, who is trying to fight away the British airplanes with a flyswatter.

The book is dedicated to Allied, as well as Soviet pilots.

This is the first and best edition of the publication. The same title was printed in the same year by five other underground Partisan presses in mimeography.

References: Bibliografija, no. 8187.

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