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UNDERGROUND PRINTING – WWII: Atlantska karta, Moskovska, Teheranska in Krimska konferenca s komentarji. [The Atlantic Charter, Moscow, Tehran and Crimea Conferences with Commentaries].



An extremely rare Yugoslav WWII underground pamphlet, printed in an Allied base in Bari, Italy, covers the important Allied conferences during the war. With commentaries by Milovan Djilas.


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8°: 45 pp. mimeographed text, original blue wrappers wit printed title, stapled (wrappers slightly age-toned and damaged on edges and spine, error printing on the inside of the wrappers contemporary covered with black lines, inside in a good, seemingly unread condition).


A very rare mimeographed pamphlet with printed cover in Slovenian language includes translations of all the major conferences of WWII. The pamphlet was printed in Bari, Italy, in the last weeks of WWII and was distributed in Yugoslavia by the underground partisan movement.

Milovan Djilas (1911 – 1995) was a Montenegrin politician, theorist and author who was a towering figure in the Yugoslavian Liberation movement and in the new nation it spawned. However, he had a complex relationship with Marshal Tito and this set him on the road to becoming one of Europe’s most famous democratic socialist dissidents.
The pamphlet was mimeographed and printed in Bari, Italy. In January 1944, the Anglo-American Allies, who controlled southern Italy, permitted the Partisans to open a base at Bari. Shortly thereafter, a Partisan hospital, with a mandate to fulfil complex procedures and to house invalids, was established on the base, as well as the printing press. The pamphlets printed in Bari, were distributed as underground press on the Yugoslavian grounds, at the time still at war. 

Bibliography of Yugoslav WWII partisan prints only records one example in Yugoslav institutions (today Museum of Modern History, Ljubljana). We could not find any other recorded institutional examples worldwide.


References: Bibliografija, 1964, no. 11.

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