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ÜSKÜDAR PRESS: Tuhfetü’l-ihvân alâ Avâmili’l-Birgivî [Bound together with:] Ta‘lîku’l-fevâzıl alâ i‘râbi’l-Avâmil (Şerh-i Avâmil-i Cedîd-i Birgivî/Mu‘ribü’l-Avâmil).



Two volumes bound-in-one. 8°. 96 pp., 128 pp., contemporary marbled paper binding with a flap, Dark brown goat spines (age-toned and stained, small tears in marginsold annotations in black ink in margins, sporadic words underlined in red and black ink, old bookseller’s stamps, hand-written title in lower edge, binding scuffed, rubbed and with small loss of material, corners rubbed with tiny folds, a tiny hole in the text of the first page).


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The Üsküdar Press, located on the Asian side of Istanbul, was one of the earliest Turkish Istanbul-based presses, preceded only by Müteferrika Press (est. 1727), Raşid Efendi Press and Mühendishane Press. Also known as Matbaa-i Amire, the State Press, it was the successor of the Mühendishane Press (Engineering Press or also Military Press), founded on the premises of the newly opened Military Engineering School in 1797. Until 1802, this publishing house issued 19 titles, which were all sponsored by the state and made for the military and engineering purposes.

In 1803, the Press moved in a new location, in a new, neatly constructed complex close to the Selimiye Barracks in Üsküdar, which also gave the institution a new name. Under the new leadership the press received a permission to accept private commissions and to expand their repertoire. Until its closure in 1824, the Üsküdar Press printed 73 titles on various subjects.

Sheikh Mustafa b. İbrâhim.

Tuhfetü’l-ihvân alâ Avâmili’l-Birgivî

Istanbul: Üsküdar Press 1226 [Rumi, 1810 Gregorian].

[Bound together with:]
Zeynîzade Hüseyin b. Ahmed.

Ta‘lîku’l-fevâzıl alâ i‘râbi’l-Avâmil (Şerh-i Avâmil-i Cedîd-i Birgivî/Mu‘ribü’l-Avâmil).

[Istanbul:] Matbaa Amire [i. e. Üsküdar Press] 1226 [Rumi, 1810 Gragorian].


Two grammars in Arabic language, were first published by the Üsküdar Press in 1805 and were traditionally published and bound together. The printer was Hafız Mehmed Emin Efendi, the imam of the Üsküdar Doğancılar Mosque, who worked at the Üsküdar Press from circa 1808 on.

References: Kemal Beydilli, Books Published In The First Turkish Press In Istanbul, Nos. 32-33 (on-line source: BOOKS PUBLISHED IN THE FIRST TURKISH PRESS IN ISTANBUL | History of Istanbul (istanbultarihi.ist)).

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