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WIEN / VIENNA: Oesterreichs Sagen und Heldenmahle. No 4. Maria Hietzing


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Rare lithographed view, based on a local legend, shows Mother Mary appearing in Hietzing (today a part ov Vienna). It was made by a Austrian artist Joseph Tentsensky after a draft by Moriz von Schwind (1804-1871), whose monogramm is engraved in the lower left corner.

The view is a part of rare series Oesterreichs Sagen und Heldenmahle.

Joseph Tentsensky (1794 – 1839) was artist and printer in Vienna. In 1819 he founded, together with his brother Mathias Trentsensky (1790 – 1868) a lithographic printing and publishing house. They were specialised in publishing broadsides and other separately published prints. From 1820 Joseph was also the owner of a shop with writing and drawing accessories and in 1822 he received a patent for printing lithographs from zinc plates and seven years later for printing from wood blocks (xylography). This view was published in ‘Wiens Mahler: Umgebungen’ (Viennese pictorial surroundings) around 1825 by Trentsensky.


Frühe seltene Lithographie von Joseph Trentsensky (1793-1839) nach dem Entwurf von Moriz von Schwind (1804-1871). Blatt 4 aus der seltenen Serie ‘Oesterreichs Sagen und Heldenmahle’, einer der frühsten Werken von Schwind. Im Hintergrund Ansicht von Hietzing, links unten Monogramm. O. A. Weigmannm, Schwind: des Meisters Werke, 1906, S. 534. Nicht in Nebehay-Wagner.

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