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WORLD MAP / GLOBAL SHIPPING / NEW YORK / ‘ALEXANDRA LAND’, AUSTRALIA: Map Showing the Routes of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamship Company in All Parts of the World.



An extremely rare – seemingly unrecorded – late 19th Century ephemeral work promoting the Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamship Line, featuring a World Map of all its routes, a map of New York City and lengthy text on the line’s contemporary operations; published in new York likely to aide German travellers and immigrants – plus the World map features an interesting detail – the labelling of the unofficial Australian territory of ‘Alexandra’ Land.

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Folding pamphlet on a single sheet, lithographed double-sided, verso in bi-chrome, neat manuscript inscription dated “1895” to front panel (Good, some wear and partial separations and staining along original folds, toning to some panels), 36.5 x 54.5 cm (14.5 x 21.5 inches).


This attractive and engaging ephemeral piece, folding and printed on both sides of a single sheet, promotes the global routes of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamship Line, which founded in Bremen in 1857, was by then a world leader in intercontinental travel.  It was published in New York in 1892, with an English language map, but most text in German, was seemingly made to inform German travellers and immigrants in the United States.


The front side features the title section and a small map of Lower Manhattan, plus several registers of detailed text describing the company’s routes and services.


The verso is occupied by a World Map showing all of Norddeutscher Lloyd’s routes in red, revealing the company’s global scope.  A chart below describes each route from the company base in Bremen, giving mileages for each segment and the total trip.  The routes include the New York Line (3,570 miles, the most profitable route, established in 1866); Baltimore Line; Brazil Line; Buenos Aires Line; China Line; Australia Line; as well as the various branch lines.  In all Norddeutscher Lloyd covered an amazing 51,247 miles of regularly scheduled routes!


Interestingly, the World map is one of relatively few to label the unofficial Australian territory of ‘Alexandra’ Land.  In 1865, at the urging of the explorer John McDouall Stuart, the government of South Australia declared the lands under its jurisdiction between the 16th and 26th southern latitudes to be Alexandra Land in honour of Alexandra of Denmark, the Princess of Wales, and later Queen consort to Edward VII.  While the term was used for the region on and off until 1911, it was never developed nor did it ever have any government apparatus.  Alexandra Land become part of the Northern Territory and was henceforth confined to the realm of historical curiosities.


We have not been able to find a reference to the present work, let alone the location of another example.  This is not surprising, as the survival rate for such ephemeral works is incredibly low.



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