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WÜRZBURG: Neuester Verkehrs-Plan der Kreishaupt- & Universitätsstadt Würzburg mit Verzeichnis der Sehenswürdigkeiten [The Newest Transportation Map of the County Capital and University City Würzburg with a List of Tourist Attractions].



A small uncommon pocket map of Würzburg in Germany, with a highly decorative Art Nouveau cover, was made for the occasion of a Franconian Singing Festival in 1904. 

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This attractive small map in the style of Fin de Siècle shows Würzburg with its street-cars lines, hotels, streets, restaurants and waiting places for “droshkies”, two-wheeled or four-wheeled public carriages. The first electric tram in Würzburg was opened in 1899.

The map was made in 1904 in limited edition for participants of the Fränkisches Sängerbundesfest (Franconian Singing Festival). 

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