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WWI in Ukraine: اوقراينا، روسيا و توركيه : (مقاله‌لر مجموعه‌سى)



[Ukrayna, Rusya ve Türkiye. Makaleler Mecmuası / Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. A Discussion]


A pamphlet on cultural and demographic connections between Ukraine and Turkey, printed in Ottoman, in Istanbul, during World War I


8°. 71 pp., folding map, later brown cloth binding with gilt lettering (light staining and foxing, small tears in the inner margin of the title page, old hand-written price on the inner side of the rear board, but overall in a good condition).


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A pamphlet in Ottoman language, accompanied with the map, marking the position of Ukraine with its larger borders, tries to establish a close connection between the country and Turkey regarding the history and inhabitants. On the other hand it distances from Tukey’s archnemesis Russia, which would in the next years entirely take over Ukraine.

The book was printed in 1915, during WWI, when Ukraine, divided between several territories, fought on both sides: for the Central Powers under Austro-Hungarian Army, and for the Triple Entente, with the Imperial Russian Army.

References: OCLC 26113202, 1085135388 (ÖZEGE 21973 mentions the year of printing as 1919).

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