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Halftone and colour printing on newsprint, 38.5 x 51 cm (15.1 x 20 inches) (soft fold, tiny chips in margins, otherwise in a good condition).

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A rare colour broadside, printed on newsprint by Reinhold Klinger in Berlin was made to promote the Central Powers at the beginning of WWI in Germany. The soldiers od the Central Powers are represented as fearless men pushing away the useless, oldfashioned, unprofessional caricatures, depicting the European countries.

This version of the image was printed in a cheap printing technique of halftone on a newsprint. A more elaborately broadside by the same publisher, which was probably more expensive to purchase, was lithographed in colour on glossy paper (see the example from the WLB Stuttgart: https://www.leo-bw.de/media/wlb_plakate/current/delivered/jpg/2_30084.jpg).

Due to their ephemeral nature the survival rate of such broadsides on newsprint is exceedingly low.

We could only find one example on the Worldcat, which might correspond with this halftone version (Royal Danish Library, OCLC 816004933). WLB Stuttgart holds the lithographed version on a glossy paper.

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