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WWI, SYRIA: ARMEE-ZEITUNG JILDIRIM. ييلديرم اردو غزه‌ته‌سى, together with: Tagesbericht der Armee-Zeitung Jildirim.


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,Tagesbericht der Armee-Zeitung Jildirim.
4 issues, each 4°, [2]:
24. Juni, Nr. 92
25. Juni 1918, Nr. 94
2. Juli 1918, Nr 100
6. Juli 1918, Nr. 104.
Armee-Zeitung Jildirim. ييلديرم اردو غزه‌ته‌سى
4 issues, each small folio with illustraions within text.
19. Mai, Nr. 1, [4]
8. Juli, Nr. 15 [4]
15. Juli, Nr. 17, [4]
18. Juli, Nr. 94, [2].
Condition: Soft folds, punch-holes on one side of the newspapers, slightly stained, some articles with old annotations, otherwise in a good condition. 
These two series uncommon newspaper was published in Damascus for German troops during WWI, for less than a year in 1918 until the Capture of Damascus in the late September 1918. 
Tagesbericht der Armee-Zeitung Jildirim was issued as a daily and Armee-Zeitung Jildirim was published every Monday and Thursday.
The newspapers include news from the war worldwide, as well as local news from Germany, and weather reports for European and Middle Eastern cities.
Yildirim, which in Turkish translates to Thunderbolt, (also called Army Group F) was an army group of the Ottoman Empire, formed during World War I, and was assigned to the German Asia Corps. It was first lead by the former Prussian Minister of War and Chief of Staff Erich von Falkenhayn, from February 25, 1918 by General of the Cavalry Otto Liman von Sanders and in the last couple of days before the dissolution of the corps in the late October by Mustafa Kemal.

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