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WWII POLISH ANTI-RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA: Dzieci za drutem kolczastym.


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This report by a Russian author Ivan Solonevič gives a report on the prisons for children, founded by the Russians in 1930s, as well on the punishment and mass murdering of children in the prison camps. The report includes photoreproductions with disturbing content.

Ivan Solonevič (1891-1953), was a Russian author, mostly known by his stories and reports on Russian prisons (gulags), which he experienced himself. He was born in the Grodna district (today Belarus). He died in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

The first edition of the book was published on the eve of WWII in Poznań, Poland, in 1938. This is a second, enlarged edition published during WWII in Polish language in Warsaw, as a part of the anti-Russian and anti-Communist propaganda. 

We could only trace five examples in Polish libraries and none in institutions outside of Poland. 

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