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WWII PRISON MUSIC & ART: IV. broj Usmenih novina, Proslava 800 Godina Moskve [4th issue of the Oral Newspaper. Celabration of 800th Anniversary of Moscow].


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A unique manuscript broadside was made in the prison camp Stara Gradiska in Croatia in 1947, for a musical event at the 800th anniversary of Moscow, by the orchestra, organised by the inmates.

During WWII Stara Gradiska was one of the most notorious concentration and extermination camps in Croatia during World War II and a subcamp of the Jesenovac concentration camp. It was liberated by the Partisans in April 1945. In the first years after WWII the same camp became a prison for political prisoners for people, active in the pro-Nazi Independent State of Croatia.

This broadside of Oral Newspapers (a common term for wall newspapers and broadsides in and after WWII, when paper was scarce and sometimes literacy was low), was made by the orchestra, lead by Marijan Zuber (1913-2008), a prominent Croatian musician, from 1948 active in Varazdin. 

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