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WWII PROPAGANDA: Družtvovni život u Njemačkoj [Social Life in Germany].



A rare, seemingly unrecorded propaganda book in Croatian language was printed in Nazi Germany to promote the quality of its social life. The book also diminishes lifestyle in the Allied countries, where the people are allegedly unemployed and starving.

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This unusual, seemingly unrecorded book in Croatian language, was printed in Nazi Germany during WWII and promotes a rewarding life of a worker in Germany, which included sports, music, art education and travels. On the other hand it presents the Allied countries, such as France, England and Unites States as poor countries, where workers have no rights, have to que for a war meal and sleep on the streets, all of which is allegedly caused by Jews and Communism. A special chapter is dedicated to antisemitism in Yugoslavia. The pamphlet also presents the development and structure of German political organizations. 

The book was published by Kraft durch Freude (Strength through Joy), a Nazi led state organization, created to promote the advantages of National Socialism to the people and a tourist office. 

Although the publication is not dated, it was probably made in WWII, circa 1944, as te text also promotes vacation on the Dalmatian coast, which was taken over by the Germans in late 1943, after the capitulation of Italy.

The brochure was probably handed out in Croatia in the time of the Independent State of Croatia as a part of the Nazi propaganda.
We could not find any institutional copies worldwide, including in the Croatian National Library.


References: Unrecorded.

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