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An extremely rare publication, made by a Yugoslav Macedonian neo-avantgarde independent multimedia cultural group Aporea in the 1980s.


An unusual rare publication with photomontages, and manuscripts in various Yugoslav languages, and also German and English, was originally issued as a photocopy in 1980 by a neo-avantgarde group Aporea from Skopje, Macedonia. The text, accompanied with collages of portraits, symbols and religious symbols, are statements on the art. The last page pronounces the contemporary movement Neue Slowenische Kunst as a “glorious barbaric art”.

The short-lived independent multimedia cultural group Aporea (abbreviation for Apocryphal Reality) was founded in 1987 in Skopje and was based on the aesthetics and symbols of the Orthodox church, as a part of the anti-establishment Yugoslav art movements of the 1980s (with the most famous of them probably being Irwin and Laibach, who were based on the Nazi aesthetics), after Tito’s death, in the decade of a decline of Yugoslavia, when the neo-avantgarde art focused on the country’s recent history, as a response on at the time senseless propaganda and efforts to uniform the history and culture of its diverse nations.

The art movement Aporea recorded 5 songs in 1988 with a title Na rjekah vavilonskih (By the rivers of Babylon), which were a mixture of the Byzantine past and ethnic Macedonian music. In 1989, the movement changed its name to Anastasia, focusing mostly on the music and becoming one of the Macedonian most internationally successful bands of the 20th century. They were active until 2002, working closely with the theatre and film. In 1994, they were nominated for the Academy Award for their music in the movie Before the Rain.

These semi-underground Yugoslav improvised art magazines from the 1980s are extremely rare, as they would be multiplied in only small amounts and distributed among the sympathisers of the movement.

We could not find any institutional copies.

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