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YUGOSLAV NEO-AVANTGARDE: Franci Zagoričnik. Prostor proširenih medija. Zagreb. Starčevićev trg 6/II. 17.-23. 12. 1981. 18-21h. Zbrana dela slovenskih pesnikov in pisateljev. Le Shopping de Collections.


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This unusual rare publication, stapled in original plastic wrappers, was made for an exhibition of a Slovene / Yugoslav neo-avantgarde artist Franci Zagoričnik, who was a founder of the group Studio Signum. Zagoričnik, a Croatia-born Slovenian artist, was known for his photomontages, and word and symbol constellations. He was also an author of an anthology on Croatian avantgarde.

The pamphlet, which is an object of art in itself, focuses on the author through photomonages of his birth certificate, list of his works and exhibitions, and a photomontaged article with vulgar contents. A original photograph sloppily stapled on the last page, is dated with June 1979 and bears a handtyped title Death in Venice.

The publication was printed in the 1981, one year after Tito’s death, in the decade of a decline of Yugoslavia, when the neo-avantgarde art focused on the country’s recent history, with its at the time senseless propaganda and efforts to uniform the history and culture of its diverse nations.

The publication is very rare. We could not find any institutional examples.

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