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YUGOSLAV / SLOVENIAN COMICS – STUDENT PRESS: Magna Purga. Danes in nikdar več


A legendary collection of Slovenian absurd comics, reflecting the modern society of the last years of the Yugoslav regime


Small folio, [72] with black and white illustrations, illustrated glossy card wrappers, stapled (very good used example with minimal wear).



This is the first edition of a collection of legendary Slovenian, at the time Yugoslav, comics, made by Kostja Gatnik, in the last years of the Tito’s regime, in 1977.
The book includes various comics, composed from one image only to short stories on several pages, reflecting the cruel reality of the Yugoslav / Slovenian modern society of the late 1970 through the black humor. The repetitive motifs include the superheroes of unconventional forms, gay scene, drug use and abuse, rock concerts, excessive alcoholism, underground scenes and absurd comics.

1977, when the book was published, represents one of the of the groundbreaking years in the last era under Tito. In the same year the first punk concert by the band Pakrti took place in Ljubljana, starting a new underground movement against the dying Yugoslav system.

Kostja Gatnik (born 1945) is an academic artist, schooled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, active as a painter, illustrator and designer. Among younger readers Gatnik is known for his illustrations of educational popular children’s books, for which he won several awards.

Magna Purga is one of the Gatnik’s legendary works, which still enjoys wide popularity, especially among the readers, who experienced the last years of Yugoslavia and
the black humor of the time.

The work was published by the Students’ Cultural Center of Ljubljana in 1977. The publisher was Peter Mlakar (born 1951), later a member of the Neue Slowensche Kunst and the music group Laibach. Mlakar has also written numberless articles, mostly on sexual subjects and was publishing articles in the contemporary punk magazines.

The editor was Igor Vidmar (born 1950), today an esteemed music producer, editor, activist and narrator, who was active in the early Yugoslav punk scene.
This first edition is scarce.

We could not find any examples outside Slovenian institutions.

A reprint of this work was made in 1997.

References: OCLC 444420079.

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