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YUGOSLAVIA, KINGDOM OF: Trgovski dom Stermecki Celje [Department Store Stermecki Celje].



A beautiful large rare separately issued art-deco map of the Kingdom of Yugoslavija was issued in Croatian language as an advertisement for a large department store Stermecki, based in Celje, Slovenia, in the early 1930s. 

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The map shows the Kingdm of Yugoslavia, with images of contemporary fasion products, toys and instruments in margins. It was made for a large, well known department stor Stermecki, based in Celje in Slovenia (here marked with a red dot).

Stermecki was known for its high quality fashion products all over the Kingdom of Yugoslavia as a leading department store. Free catalogues and samples were delivered by mail, and caused people, especially women, to traditionally take a train at least once per year to Celje, to buy the latest products or accessories, which were evailable at all price ranges.   

The map also whost railroad connections in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

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